K Young.


My work

These days I'm working on climate change. Its a huge, huge, thorny problem, but I'm optimistic. So I'm investing in, donating to, and advising climate-oriented companies. This site is a place for me to clarify and record my own thinking.

Prior work

Early in my career I was a software engineer who delivered 8-figure projects. Later I was CEO and cofounder of Mortar Data where I raised millions of dollars, grew the company, and then sold it to Datadog, making portfolio-topping returns for many of our investors. I've started several departments from scratch at a publicly traded company (Content Marketing, Internal Analytics, and Technical Recruiting). I've been responsible for recruiting 800 engineers a year, and managed divisions of more than 100 people. I loved all this work.


The first thing most people notice about me is that I'm very tall. If we talked a while you might also find out that I grew up in California but now live in New York. I studied architecture but got a degree in Computer Science. I'm a proud father and husband. I'll choose cooking over tv 11 times out of 10.