K Young.

My work

These days I'm working independently on climate change; mostly investing, granting, and advising. I've found I'm most impactful when working with very early, high-climate-impact organizations that don't yet have traction because I can act quickly with conviction, but also to spend time going deep. This site is a place for me to clarify and record my own thinking.

Prior work

Early in my career I was a software engineer who delivered large ed-tech projects. Later I was CEO and cofounder of Mortar Data where I raised venture capital, grew the company, and then sold it to Datadog. I've started several large departments from scratch (Content Marketing, Internal Analytics, and Technical Recruiting). I've been responsible for recruiting 800 engineers a year, and managed divisions of more than 100 people. I loved all this work.


The first thing most people notice about me is that I'm very tall. If we talked a while you might also find out that I grew up in California but now live in New York. I studied architecture but got a degree in Computer Science. I'm a proud father and husband. I'll choose cooking over watching shows 9 times out of 10.